Growing up I used to enjoy turning my drawings into shirts for me and my brothers. I still have this love, and here is some of the more recent chest worthy graphic t-shirts I have designed.

Graphic T-shirt


Shirt designed and submitted to threadless, but didn't survive the brief allotted time for voting.

Graphic T-shirt

Team Guymon

This is the third shirt I ever made. I illustrated me and my three brothers with different colored gel pens scaned it into photoshop and flipped it horizontally and printed it out onto iron on paper, and I made shirts for me and all of my brothers.

Graphic T-shirt

Too Deep

My brother came up with this saying (which refers to the distance he shoots the ball) and asked if I would design him a T-shirt illustrating this. I sent him the artwork but as far as I know he never actually produced the shirt. I still hope to one day get this shirt made and proudly wear it one day.

Graphic T-shirt

Big Gulp

As you can see from my website, and most people that know me well, know that I have a special place in my heart for a cold fountain drink. So I designed this shirt, and submitted it to threadless in hopes that other Americans would share in my love, but sadly this did not survive the voting round.

Graphic T-shirt

Fortune Cookie

A proposed concept of a shirt designed for a Dental Office. The fortune of the cookie reads, "A beautiful smile is in your future."

Graphic T-shirt


I just like giraffes, so I submitted this design to threadless in hopes that it would get produced, but sadly it didn't make it past the voters.

Graphic T-shirt

I survived Kestrels Invitational Camp

A shirt designed for a difficult basketball camp in Europe (They asked for an illustration of an exhausted basketball player).

Graphic T-shirt


Because I spent 2 years of my life in Brasil, the impact Brasil had on my life, & because of how much I miss the country. I designed this shirt submitted it to threadless and it didn't survive the voters.

Graphic T-shirt

Doug Johnsons Memorial Hoop Night

An annual 5 on 5 basketball tournament held to raise money & awareness for cancer in memory of Doug Johnson & his family.

Graphic T-shirt

I'M BLACK (Thats just my shirt talking)

A comical shirt I came up with and submitted to threadless, only it never made it to the voting round. Of course the shirt changes what it says depending on what color the shirt actually is.


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