In an effort to help me remember how far I have come, and how much I have learned over time I have uploaded some of the older websites that have called shaneguymon.com their home.

Dental Marketing Website


This is one of the first websites I ever made and it was part of a class project in a web design class that I took in college. It is a very badly coded and designed site which mainly focuses on my 3 brothers and I and basketball. This was when I first learned how to make an animated gif, as well as some other fun photoshop tricks. When you mix it all together you get a fun and embarrasing website.

Cypress Texas Dentist Website


There were actually some much uglier websites before this one hit the web. This website is I believe the 3rd incarnation of a family website I did to show off our engagement and wedding pics as well as telling our stories. It also served as an outlet for me to continue experimenting in web design and coding. The site was coded in some terrible tables and frames (embarrassing).

McKinney Texas Dentist Website


My wife was never too big of a fan of the family site, and no one really ever visited the site beyond the initial visit and I was quickly approaching the end of my education and had been establishing a portfolio and I was eager to hit the streets looking for a job. So I came up with Pure Design to brand myself after, and I felt I was going to get some freelance work under that name. In a very embarrassing way this site is almost entirely made up of an image map.

Humble Texas Dentist Website


Although I actually did land a few freelance jobs under the name "Pure Design" I quickly decided I needed to be my own brand and embrace my own name. I was just about to enter my portfolio into The Creative Summit and I had designed and made my very own business cards and I had big plans to hand out 100's of business cards to everyone I saw and wanted to have a shiney website to match my cards. Hopefully none of the 10 people who actually got my card ever actually looked at this terrible site.

Dental Marketing Website


I never REALLY liked my last website, I just didn't really know how to code or design a site and I had some big ideas, but just didn't have the knowledge to actually execute them. I tried really hard to con my friend to code the site for me, but he was taking to long, so I just kept tweaking it and tweaking it. Some how even with this website I was still able to get hired at Practice Cafe.

Dental Marketing Website


After a few months of working with Practice Cafe, many long conversations with my friend, reading a ton of blogs, and convincing my boss to buy me some books I began teaching myself how to seriously code a website. This is only the beginning of my learning curve so the majority of the site is still using tables, however I was really wanting to design my site on a grid as well as the beginnings of my attempts in designing a clean and minimalist website.

Dental Marketing Website


Here is my first tabless website which was completely coded in XHTML & CSS. I still had no clue how to write valid code nor did I really have a very good grasp on semantic markup.

Dental Marketing Website


Only subtle changes took place between 2007 to 2008. I think the subtle changes made a HUGE difference though. So this site stayed online well into 2009 as well and probably could still serve me quite well today. The simplistic design is quite timeless in my opinion and it marked my first site that I was able to validate both the XHTML & CSS.


You can also find me on various places around the web, so by all means please stay connected with me.