• Mouth-Watchers-Logo

    Mouth Watchers: This is concept logo for a company that teaches dentists how to educate their patients about preventative dentistry.

  • Tony-Wu-Logo

    New Yorker Smiles: Two concept logos for a dentist based in New York who's patients are primarily businessmen. He was seeking an iconic logo which was modern, and professional.

  • Fairwood-Dental-Center-Logo

    Fairwood Dental Center: A logo concept for a dentists in the state of Washington.

  • Main-Station-Dental-Care

    Main Station Dental Care: Concept logo for a dentist who is located right next to a train station.

  • Helotes-Family-Dentistry

    Helotes Family Dentistry: Two concept logos for a dentist in Helotes, Texas which is a small town right outside of San Antonio.

  • Elgin-Family-Dental

    Elgin Family Dental: Concept logo done for a dental office located in a small town which is an hour outside of Austin.

  • Tie-Tak

    Tie-Tak: This is a logo for a product which will soon be released in Utah.

  • Entice

    Icon used on an invite I designed for a class being taught on how to involve the youth when teaching.

  • Lets-Get-Loud-Cheerleading

    Let's Get Loud Cheerleading: This is a proposed logo concept for a cheerleading school.

  • Saddle-Light-Center

    The SaddleLight Center: A logo concept for a company that specializes in teaching disabled people how to ride horses.

  • Universal-City-Ho-Down

    Christmas Ho-Down: A logo designed for an anual church Christmas party.

  • Rescue-America-Road-Service

    Rescue America Road Service: A logo concept for a road service company.

  • Stamped

    Stamped: A logo concept for a company that will put "stuff" on "stuff".