company: Advanced Financial Strategies
project: To develope a mail-out invitation.
How: The background was created in Adobe Photoshop, I wanted to give it a background with a bit of texture. The rest of the card was created in Adobe Illustrator. That was where I laid together the type, and the artwork. In the end the client was very satisfied, and anxiouse to get them mailed out to his clients.

company: personal
project: Family Christmas card
How: The illustration of my daughter and the typography, and lay-out was all done using Illustrator.

company: Universal City Christmas Ho-Down. (An annual Christmas party for a local church.)
project: project to develope a flyer to hand out advertising the party.
How: This flyer was layed out in Illustrator, The Santa Clause figure was drawn in Illustrator. I wanted to create an eye catching illustration of Santa Clause. I wanted it to be something that people could keep looking at to see many diffrent elements in it. So I chose to let the negative space be apart of the illustration.

company: Integrity Custom Homes
project: To develope a trifold brochure for the client.
How: I put this together using Adobe Illustrator. After talking with the client, and coming up with what information and content he wanted in the brochure, I went to work coming up with color schemes that seemed to work well with both his industry and the photos.